How to plan your New Website Design

How to plan your New Website Design

Business Owners

"Did you know that most designers focus solely on design, overlooking crucial content preparation? ????"

So, prepare your content first before hiring designer ???? Or, you can hire me . ????

Here's what I do to improve conversion rate for the websites. ?

• Write a headline that shows what your customer can achieve.????
• Explain why your product is great, not just how it works.????
• Talk about the problems your customer faces.????
• Explain how you can solve those problems.????
• Tell people how much your product costs.????
• Have one clear button for people to click.????
• Use videos of happy customers.????
• Make sure people trust you.????
• Show off your personality.????
• Share your story.. ????
• Be yourself. ????

Common Mistakes to Avoid ?

• Keep your message simple; don't overwhelm people. ????
• Use different types of reviews, not just written ones.????
• Don't be fake; your landing page should be genuine.?????
• Remember, it's about your customers, not just you.????
• Address one specific problem, not everything.????
• Don't hide your prices; people want to know.????
• Know exactly who your ideal customer is.????
* Focus on solving one problem well.????
* Figure out who you want to sell to.????
* Share your knowledge openly.????

By implementing these strategies and avoiding common mistakes, you can create a more effective online presence.

If you're ready to elevate your website, consider hiring me for expert assistance. Let's make your website a success together! ????